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What People Are Saying...

Cindy Lam cultivates a remarkably singular piano studio culture that inspires excellence, encourages creativity beyond the keyboard, and nurtures community in support of arts education. Her approach honors the whole child and engages parents meaningfully in their musical development.
Rachel Fine, Executive Director & CEO, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts; pianist

Cindy Lam has ignited our daughter Sonya's passion for music with a teaching methodology that combines genuine rigor and technique with an incredible sense of fun.

Annette Savitch &

Jeremy Kleiner, Oscar-winning film producer

Cindy has made learning the piano a joy for our 6 year old daughter. She knows just the right mix of “play” and play for a child and is a wonderful teacher.


Helen Nightengale & Lynn Harrell, Grammy-winning classical solo cellist

New Roads parents, Class of '22

Cindy Lam is a brilliant young lady whose ideas in music education are revolutionary.

Nitzan Haroz, Principal Trombone, Philadelphia Orchestra

edge testimonial.jpg

"Daddy can I practice the new song tonight?" asks Lauren during dinner.  Every evening our 5 year old daughter looks forward to her piano time, planning out what to work on that night.  Cindy's joyful, innovative, and fun approach has sparked Lauren's passion for music and cultivated a love of learning.  Cindy is a world-class musical talent with an appreciation for childhood education and development.  Our family is grateful to be part of her piano studio!"


Tina Chiou and Jonathan Tung

Our soon-to-be 10-year old son, Edge, has been taking lessons from Cindy Lam every week for a
year. He also frequently attends Cindy’s "Office Hours" each week, a time (included in the
lesson cost) that Cindy makes available to all of her students to focus on music theory and
composition. We are very pleased with our son’s progress.
Cindy creates a unique chemistry with each of her students. While she has a firm hand during
no-nonsense lesson time, she encourages her students to sample many varieties of music, and
to choose the pieces they will work on (with some guidance as to skill level and difficulty).  Our son seems to appreciate this very much, and feels a sense of ownership in his lessons and practice. Although appropriately serious about music, Cindy also has an infectious sense of humor, and children naturally respect and gravitate towards her.
Most importantly, though, Cindy has created a vibrant music community for her students and
their families. Her students frequently perform for each other at her home/studio, a Frank
Lloyd Wright masterpiece in the Arroyo Seco (which, along with the vintage Steinway grand,
does make lingering during lessons and performances irresistible). At these gatherings, children ranging in age and proficiency give each other "grows and glows" after each performance. They all seem to understand that this is part of learning to play piano, and they participate enthusiastically and honestly. Cindy’s end-of-year recital is a wonderful opportunity for the children to play publicly and to set goals for their practices.
All of this has added up to an enchanting and very productive experience for us and our son.
We could not recommend Cindy any more highly to families that want to make music and piano a meaningful part of their lives, not just another stop on the activity shuttle.
Maricruz Prado & Jim Woodruff
Poly parents '20

After graduating from a music conservatory many  years ago, accompanying Suzuki-trained young violinists, and then not playing for many years, I have finally gotten back to playing the piano.  Cindy is the best teacher I could have hoped for.  Her love of music and piano performance are contagious and every class is a pleasure without ever compromisng her high musical standards.  If you are looking for a teacher with a solid music background, impeccable technique, strong teaching skills, who above all instills love for music, Cindy is the person for you.

Sylvia Paz

Westridge parent, Class of '02 & '04

Cindy has no doubt been the best piano teacher for me. Her patient demeanor, combined with her fun personality, has created a wonderful fit for me and my family. In addition to the many personal qualities she has that make lessons enjoyable, Cindy also possesses an unparalleled talent for the piano, as she is a professional pianist herself. My lessons with her are productive and very helpful. She seamlessly weaves constructive criticism and encouragement throughout each lesson, and her dedication to her students' improvement is very clear. Beyond just teaching an instrument, Cindy instills an appreciation for music in all her students that I believe will stay with me throughout my life. I couldn't have been luckier to have found a piano teacher that I respect as much as Cindy, and I would recommend her without  hesitation!

Maya Omori, Poly '15

Taking piano as an adult in their forties is a daunting task. I love music and grew up around classical music. I had tried piano as a child but gave up after 3 months due to a strict teacher. I decided to give it another try and found Cindy. She has been so inspirational and encouraging. Her sharp ear for keys is impressive. She has been such a great teacher and I am so lucky to have found her for my second attempt. It is really gratifying to be able to play some of the pieces I love. Thanks Cindy!!!
Carla Figueroa

We love Cindy Lam!

Our three kids have taken piano from a variety of teachers over the past decade, from conservatories to Suzuki courses to at-home intensives.  Cindy has brought the key elements of all our children’s musical education to a friendly, focused and fun hour in her home studio.  She is kind, attentive, professional, and a great musical inspiration to our kids.

Cindy was recommended by a musician friend and brings a concert pianist’s discipline and musicianship to her program.  She designs programs for my two daughters, ages 13 and 9, and my son, age 6, that hone their strengths and work at correcting their weaknesses.  Our 13 year old looks forward to her time with Cindy as much as our 6 year old, and Cindy tailors her patience and methods accordingly.

Since starting with Cindy, all three of our kids fight for "Piano Time" at home, and love getting new material, improvising, or revisiting old songs.  They feel connected to the music and have a joyful passion for playing piano!

We feel very grateful and lucky to be included in the CLPS family!

Tina Carter & Josh Oreck

Poly parents, Class of '19, '24, & '26

I have taken lessons from Cindy Lam for 5 years. In these 5 years, I’ve learned a different way to play piano altogether. I had taken piano lessons for 5 years before I met Cindy, but I had only learned how to memorize pieces, and not actually read and understand what was in the music. In addition to drawing my attention to what was written in the music, I learned to channel my emotions through what I played. I found that a pretty piano piece can turn into a beautiful one just by adding emotion to it.  I have grown musically and become a better musician.  And all of this, I owe to my amazing teacher, Cindy Lam.

Madelena Ruedaflores, Poly '21

The most important piece we were looking for in our piano teacher was a proper fit.  For our 8 year-old son, those elements included equal parts of patience, engagement, and fun, with unquestioned excellence reflected in both playing and teaching the instrument.


Cindy Lam has exceeded our expectations by incorporating everything we wanted with an abundance of respect for and accountability asked of our son.  While he is becoming an excellent young musician, he is also learning to be more respectful, personally responsible, and intellectually organized.  Her ability to differentiate students’ personalities and scaffold accordingly is the mark of every great instructor.


Her flexibility and workflow allow for natural deviations along the learning path that strengthens and extends his relationship to the piano.  As sensational as she is with her craft, she’s an even superior human being.  Thoughtful, attentive, respectful, bold, brave -- are just a few attributes she brings to each and every experience we’ve had on her path.


Michael, Loyda, & Ellis Mayson

I began working with Cindy last year taking my first private piano lessons. As a flutist and musician for over 30 years, I appreciated Cindy’s instruction that emphasized not only proper technique, but also musicality in every touch of the keys. She is an extraordinary teacher and her ability to give me what I need as an adult student is highly valued.
Mark Frankel
Miss Cindy’s true understanding of both music and child development are what make her an exceptional teacher. She teaches and guides our 7 year old daughter with patience, kindness, efficiency, and tons of
fun! With every tailored lesson, Miss Cindy gives her the tools to truly understand music. Because of this, our daughter is able to apply these tools to problem solve her way through new pieces and challenges. You know your child enjoys lessons when they ask to have their 45-minute classes to be extended to at least an hour!
Miss Cindy is truly appreciated.
Spencer & Vivian Liang
Walden parents

Cindy is calm and patient while remaining disciplined in teaching our son, who is 7. The result is that he does not goof around (because Cindy does not allow it). Moreover, Cindy has inculcated in him a love of music. As a result, he chooses to practice piano --rather than being told to do so-- now that he takes lessons from her.  We are grateful to Cindy for sharing her love of piano with our son and, even more importantly, developing that same love of music in him.

Jerilyn & Peter McAniff, Poly '85

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