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About Us

Cindy Lam Piano Studio (CLPS) is a comprehensive teaching studio dedicated to providing classical music training through a science-based, progressive educational philosophy to students of all ages and levels.

CLPS focuses on the growth of the student as a whole person through the development and mastery of musical skills.  Our collective goal, as a community of teacher, students, and parents, is to enrich the childhood, education, and development of every student by nurturing creativity, celebrating individuality, cultivating a lifelong love for music and the arts, building invaluable life skills, and most of all, inspiring and igniting an enduring and insatiable love and pursuit of learning itself, ultimately empowering students to be thoughtful and thriving citizens in the world.

Every learning experience

at CLPS involves...

...actively engaging each student

in their own learning

...connecting learning material to students'

curiosity, inquiry, and interest,

and to the world around them

...having fun

...exploring, experimenting, and discovering




...thoughtful reflection and self-evaluation


...goal-setting, critical thinking, and problem solving

...building grit

      ...taking risks



...approaching challenges

without a fear of failure

...reframing mistakes or failures as opportunities to learn

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